The Beginning

Having spent over 10 years working for Snowfocus it is bittersweet to have parted ways last week. I will without doubt miss all of the families and children who have been coming for many years and with whom I have built strong relationships. It has been hugely satisfying having seen some of the children who I looked after as babies become fabulous little skiers at the age of 8 or 9. Hopefully I will catch up with some of them on the slopes next season!

Exciting times are ahead though. I am hugely looking forward to and already enjoying the personalised care and flexibility that I am able to offer families with Chatel Childcare. My young 16 month old charge this week is fabulous. At the beginning of the week he was understandably a little nervous about being left whilst Mummy and Daddy went skiing and was a little quiet. I have found it so rewarding to build our relationship, learn what he enjoys and play together so that he is now happy and relaxed with me and letting his cheeky personality show. We are having so much fun in the glorious sunshine together. 

Also this week I have been able to expand the evening babysitting services I offer and have been looking after gorgeous children both local and those on holiday here. Earlier finishes to work work day mean I can start babysitting earlier in the evening and get to spend a little bit more time with the older children before they go to bed. 

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