À quoi s’attendre

La chose la plus importante au sujet de la garde d’enfants en vacances est que vos enfants se sentent heureux, en sécurité et à l’aise sous mes soins. Dans cet esprit, j’essaie de m’en tenir le plus possible à toutes les routines établies que vous avez et je passe du temps à connaître les besoins et la personnalité de chaque enfant. Je combine cela avec mes connaissances locales et mon expérience de vacances au ski en famille pour créer des vacances amusantes et engageantes pour tout le monde.

Bien qu’il n’y ait pas une telle chose s une «journée typique» avec la tranche d’âge des enfants, je m’occupe d’une routine générale ressemble à ceci:

  • Lisez une histoire ou regardez une émission préférée pour s’installer après le départ de maman et papa
  • Partez à l’aventure (jeu doux intérieur / extérieur, manège, natation, luge, alimentation des canards, etc.)
  • Un déjeuner sain et copieux
  • Temps de sieste
  • Il est temps de se salir avec les arts et l’artisanat, la cuisine ou le playdoh
  • Snack (alternant généralement quotidiennement entre sain et spécial)
  • Jeu général (livres, petit jeu du monde, jeu de rôle, jouer dans le jardin du chalet, faire de la musique, jouets de construction …)
  • Maman et papa arrivent à la maison

J’apporte avec moi un sac de jouets adaptés à l’âge qui change tous les jours pour garder les enfants engagés (bien que leurs articles préférés restent.) Je vous recommande d’apporter quelques favoris de la maison pour garder la cohérence aussi, mais il n’est pas nécessaire de remplir vos sacs.

Ce que les gens disent:

Grâce à vous les enfants ont passés agréable vacances. C est avec joie qu ils vous retrouvaient chaque jour et C est avec confiance qu on vous les confiez. 


“Emma is absolutely wonderful with children, 100% reliable, honest and trustworthy. Could not recommend her highly enough for peace of mind that your kids are in good hands.”


“Emma looked after my premature twins from four weeks old (was it earlier?) and was superb. She has an inherent understanding of babies and children and was always exemplary in their safety, care and happiness.”


Dr. Seuss

My story

Where it all began

I started babysitting at the age of 14 as was the norm in rural Gloucestershire.  At this young age trying to get cheeky 5, 6 and 7 year olds to bed could be challenging but I still loved getting to know the children, playing games and reading bed time stories. 

​At the age of 15 I was surprised but delighted when my mum told me she was expecting a baby. When Joe was born I absolutely  loved spending time with him and would scoop him up as soon as I got back from school, have him next to be as I did my homework and then do bath and bedtime with him most nights. This was also the time when I started more regular babysitting and nannying. I cared for twin girls from the age of 8 weeks, through toddlerhood, starting school and regular overnight and weekend stays whilst they were teenagers. 

To France

​By the time I left university it was clear to me that childcare was the direction I wanted to take with my life. I secured a job looking after the children of the directors of Snowfocus (a family skiing company) in Chatel, France. The two boys (then 3 and 5) are now 14 and 17 so don’t need nanny care but I continued to work for the company, as a holiday nanny, for over 10 years.

During the summer seasons I would return to the UK and undertook a number of temporary childcare jobs between seasons.

​​​​​​Childcare Qualification

​In 2011 I undertook a year of training to become a primary school teacher (PGCE). This was an exceptionally informative course which provided me with a huge amount of insight into pedagogy and the developmental needs of children including those with special needs. Without doubt the most enjoyable part of the course was the time spent on placements in schools. Getting to know my classes and helping each and every child improve not just in their academic work but also with their social skills and self esteem. I graduated in the summer of 2012 with full marks in 6 out of 8  of my teaching areas. This childcare qualification has undoubtedly shaped the nanny I am today and I am hugely grateful to have done it, it did however teach me that being in the classroom is not the career for me. 

​​Back to the Alps – Snowfocus

​In the summer of 2014 I moved to Chatel, France full time. As I was no longer doing just seasonal work I took a much more active role working for the family ski chalet. My duties outside of the season included staff recruitment, marketing, booking guest airport transfers and organising the in-house children’s ski school. This valuable experience means I am well placed to advise and help any families coming to stay in Chatel about a vast range of holiday queries.

​During the winter season I ran the Chalet’s nanny service which involved working with other nannies to plan and carry out a range of age-relevant activities. In the mornings I drove groups of children to their ski lessons, I then liaised with their ski instructors to ensure the children were happy and improving within their lessons. Lunch was either supervised on the mountain by me or eaten back at the chalet before more skiing or afternoon activities.  

​With 8 seasons of experience in this role I think it is fair to say I have become an expert at childcare in the Alps. I understand the need to balance down time with outdoor activities. I pick up on any ski equipment issues or worries the children may have and try my best to address them before they become a problem. I absolutely love caring for children in the Alps and I am passionate about providing them with the best possible holiday as well as giving their parents peace of mind that their children are happy and well cared for. 

Other Qualifications

Along my childcare journey I have picked up a number of qualifications on the way:

​BSc Physiologial Sciences, Bristol University 2:1

PGCE, Primary Education, University of Gloucestershire

Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate

Paediatric and Outdoor First Aid Certification

Asthma and Epi-pen training

British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) Level 1

Snow and Ice driving course 2017

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