Chatel- Family Holidays

Family Holidays, Chatel Many people describe Chatel as the Alp’s hidden gem. Here is what makes Chatel ideal for your family ski holiday. Chatel is an award winning resort! Chatel has been given the Famille+ award which means it is committed to providing the very best facilities for families on holiday. To earn and maintainContinue reading “Chatel- Family Holidays”

Chatel in the summer

We all love summer in the Alps – long evenings on the balcony, lush green mountain walks, an abundance of wildlife, lazy days by the pool, the list goes on… But what is on offer for children?  The answer is – plenty! During the summer, Lac de Vonnes is a hub of activity with trampolines, pedalos (orContinue reading “Chatel in the summer”

Summer fun and summer sun- Stay safe!

The summer season is just around the corner and we are looking forward to loads of fun enjoying the long warm days.  As with anywhere, sun safety in the mountains is imperative, sometimes the mountain breeze can be deceptive and lull you into a false sense of security in terms of skin safety. Below areContinue reading “Summer fun and summer sun- Stay safe!”

Toys, games, arts & crafts- I bring them with me

It is currently the off season, Chatel has almost emptied and it is time to prepare for summer fun.  I am currently on holiday in the UK, having a wonderful time with my family and stocking up on all things child related.  I had so much fun yesterday hitting the charity shops in search of toysContinue reading “Toys, games, arts & crafts- I bring them with me”

The Beginning

Having spent over 10 years working for Snowfocus it is bittersweet to have parted ways last week. I will without doubt miss all of the families and children who have been coming for many years and with whom I have built strong relationships. It has been hugely satisfying having seen some of the children whoContinue reading “The Beginning”

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